Thursday, May 2, 2013

Antibullying law

A press release from the City Council.

On first reading
SP OKs Anti-Bullying Law

SCHOOL administrators shall be responsible for the implementation and oversight of policies intended to address bullying in their respective schools.

This is pursuant to Section 8 of the city’s anti-bullying law, which was approved on first reading by the 16th City Council during its regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Caesar Ian E. Acenas.

The ordinance requires school personnel, students, parents or volunteers to immediately report any instance of bullying or acts of retaliation witnessed or that has come to their attention to the school administrator, school officer, or person designated to handle such issues. Upon receipt of such reports, the school administrator is required to promptly investigate the incident and notify the law enforcement agency if the designee believes that criminal charges may be pursued; take appropriate disciplinary action against the perpetrator; notify parents or guardian of victims regarding action taken to prevent any further acts of bullying or retaliation.

The ordinance was authored by Councilor Ramon G. Tabor, upon noting the alarming problem of bullying between students. According to Tabor, bullying not only inflicts physical and psychological harm but also leaves an emotional scar to students, thereby adversely affecting their studies, social personality and their lives.

Councilors Adrian Barba, chair of the committee on education, Councilor Nadya Emano, chair of the committee on social services, Councilors Alexander Dacer, Alden Bacal, Emmanuel Abejuela and Roger Abaday are co-authors of the ordinance.

The authors believe that there is a need to shape the conduct of students to instill discipline and essential values so as to integrate them to be productive, dynamic and industrious citizens of the city and to devise appropriate remedies to address bullying in order to protect the well-being of students and for the peace of mind of parents and guardians.

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