Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art exhibit

Vision Quest: A Group Art Exhibit
August 10-19
The VIP Hotel

"The creative act," says Ivan Macarambon, "requires a certain amount of vision,
for without even a sliver of it, the artist would be lost in a wilderness of ideas and stimuli."

Ivan is one of the 10 visual artists
whose new works are shown in this exhibit.

The others are Melissa Abugaa, Nick Aca, Renz Altubar, Archie Balcos, Richard Bolotaolo, Romy Cocos, Nonoy Estarte, Chris Gomez and Boyet Ramoso.

"The artworks of this exhibit show the unique vision of each artist," Ivan said.

Here are some snaps:

At yesterday evening's opening. The vertical 10-panel wood relief is Nick Aca's "10 Sendong Experience Series". It also can be displayed horizontally, says Nick.

"Memories from the past" by Romy Cocos is a 63.5x48.5cm acrylic on canvas.

Chris Gomez used intermedia to create Dreamscape 1 (right) and Dreamscape 2 (left), each measuring 51x51cm.

"My Sister's Dress" is a mixed media, 36x56cm, by Nonoy Estarte.

Ivan Macarambon's "Crystal Night" is a 60.5x40.5cm acrylic on canvas.

Seven of the ten artists: Romy, Richard, Ivan, Chris, Nonoy, Nick and Melissa.

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