Monday, November 10, 2014


A press release from the Office of the City Council.
Educ cmte to tackle resolutions
of Rotary Youth officials 2014

THE City Council committee on education chaired by Councilor Adrian Barba will soon tackle  resolutions of the Rotary Youth City Officials which were  passed during the Rotary Youth Week last Sept 26, 2014 and recently   adopted by the 17th City Council for appropriate action of the different committees.
The youth officials were student leaders from  25 private and public secondary schools in the city.
One of these is the resolution requesting for funds for the improvement of the library at the Cugman National High School, including the acquisition of new  books.
The committee will also consider the request for the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide Islamic Values Oriented Programs to Muslim students in all schools and for the conduct of Human Sexuality Seminars in all public secondary schools.  
The committee will also look into the resolution requesting for additional computer units for the Puntod National High School.
This year’s batch of Rotary Youth Officials also requested the City College Scholarship Program also chaired by  Councilor  Barba  to allocate slots for  persons with disabilities (PWD). This is in response to the verbal request of   Phil Ray Neri, president of the Youth One Unite Their Handicapped, Inc (YOUTH) to the Rotary Youth Officials during the Rotary Youth Week.

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