Monday, March 16, 2015


A press release from the Office of the City Council.

Pajo urges pet owners to avail of city’s free anti-rabies vaccines

COUNCILOR Dante Pajo, chair of the City Council committee on health and sanitation, enjoins pet owners to avail of the services of free rabies vaccination of the city. This is in observance of National Anti Rabies Month this March and in support to the announcement of City Veterinarian Perla Asis during this morning’s flag raising at city hall.

This year’s celebration bears the theme,”Bakunadong aso’t pusa, sa rabies protektado”.

According to Dr.Asis, the City Veterinary Office is open even on Saturdays this month.

“With the implementation of Republic Act 9482 or Anti Rabies Act, we aim that in year 2020 our country will be rabies free,” the city veterinarian added.  She said about 300 to 600 Filipinos die every year due to rabies but this can be prevented if pet owners will be responsible.

For his part, Councilor Pajo commended the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association for sponsoring the Poster Making Contest last week which was participated by 20 pupils of City Central School.  The activity highlighted the importance of anti-rabies vaccination and its impact to a community. The winners of the poster making contest who were presented this morning before the city mayor and city hall employees were John Jbraikhalil Baña  (1st placer with P3,000 cash prize); Shaun Arthur Pao (2nd placer with P2,000 cash prize ) and Feona Marie Anoos (3rd placer with P1,000), non-winners received   P100 each as consolation prize, The Power learned.

Councilor Pajo also supported the request of Dr.Asis for all barangays to appoint Barangay Rabies Coordinators and to enact Barangay Rabies Ordinance.

“This will minimize or eradicate rabies- related cause of death,” the city veterinarian stressed. She reminded everyone of the responsibilities of pet owners under RA 9482.

If pet owners refuse to bring their pets for anti-rabies vaccination, they will be fined with P500.  In case of incidents wherein their pets bite a human being, they will have to shoulder all the expenses for medication or pay the penalty of P10,000 and in case the pet owner will refuse that his/her dog be observed  after biting and will not pay the medication of the victim, the said pet owner will be penalized  with P25,000, she announced.

Pajo calls on the public to strictly comply with the anti-rabies law.

“Sa kainit sa atong panahon karon, maapektohan usab ang  mga behavior sa atong mga iro ilabina niadtong naglatagaw lang sa kadalanan.  Mga tag-iya sa iro angayan pabakunahan nila ang ilang mga iro ug bisan mg iring,”Pajo added.

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